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Day 3: Great Writers Find Frogs Delicious; lessons From Wole Soyinka.

Have you ever  found somebody eating a frog before? It is possible, though not in my culture.

Eating Frogs in Africa here, most especially in Nigeria, seems quite absurd and abominable. Notwithstanding, I  still struggle to eat as much Frogs as possible.Wole Soyinka, the author of Death and The King’s Horseman was detained many years ago by the then dictatorial government of Nigeria. He was an activist who derives irredeemable joy  from fighting for justice and equity.Most importantly, he expresses his activism through his creative writings.Then when he was imprisoned, they deprived him of books and pen. He hungered for his delicacy – cooked frogs! But he didn’t bulge, instead Wole attacked Procrastination by writing on the toilet roll given to him. He ate the Frog, anyway. He swallowed Procrastination!

If you really want to be a great writer, there are two basic things you must inculcate. Write every day and read all the while.It is a Law that says,that the more you do more of a thing, the more the activity turns into an habit for you. If only you can be disciplined like Wole Soyinka, and eat the Frog called Procrastination, your writings will improve.

Great writers don’t make writing a hobby, but habit. A hobby is something you do at your leisure period, while a habit is something you involve in every  moment to make your life meaningful. Great writers have one  habit, writing it is. Writing is a bitter delicacy, just like a frog eat it!

Day 2: Why You May Never Get Published.

I delved into publishing some moments ago and I do consider so many factors before considering any manuscript for publication.
One, I look at the sentence structure and choice of words of the author.
As a writer, you must learn how to adequately play with words.It is quite baffling sometimes when I READ A MANUSCRIPT of a  writer and realize the writer seldom make good sentence[s]. Learn the basics.
You may never be accepted by a publisher if your manuscript is not properly edited.First impression lasts longer. Try not to be one of those writers that will be rejected on the basis of  spelling error.
Beat other writers to the book. Do you even know the concept behind books?
See,  behind every book you would write is a major concept you are trying to sell. That is why you need to take the bull by the horns and approach the right quarters to get that book published before any other creator gets it. Remember this, every other writers are out there thirsty to get ideas. They get it and they are  published!

YOU CAN EASILY GET ACCEPTED AND PUBLISHED if you let people know you are writing. Blow the writing trumpet.It baffles me sometimes when I speak in a vicinity and at the end of the day realize I am in the midst of great writers.Let people know you are writing. Talk your way to a publisher today.

Day 1:Why Do You Write?

Refreshing in an eatery one of these days, then somebody approaches you with your new book in his hands.
The way he  approached you showed it all that he placed you in high esteem.
He is a writer. And he threw a big question that kept your mouth wide agape for seconds. ‘Why do you write?’
What will be your reply?
Often times, people do ask me this kind of question. My reply is simply to fulfill my own quota in this society of mine and to raise a voice for or against something.

But I know I am a big liar.
We write for many reasons, but two things comes, if our writings becomes successful. It is the basics of our success. Fame and Money!
You may write for reasons whatsoever, but you can’t run from the fact that you want these two.
You want to be famous like Wole Soyinka and rich like Brian Tracy, the writer of many bestselling books?
Let the thirst for fame and money ginger you to write, but don’t let it get into your muse. Don’t be distracted. It is dangerous to your writing career.

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