Sharpening Your Writing Skills[1]

It is quite saddening, nowadays, that upcoming writers scare away from honing their writing skills. You cannot eat your cake and have it.

Publishers, the ones I know, prefer to publish refined writers rather than going through the horrors of developing the scripts of weak writers.

In this section, I will be sharing some tips that can help sharpen your writing skills irrespective of the genre you may be writing for. Meet you at the top!


– Go Back To The Basics : Some writers’ knowledge of the basics of the language is so poor that they don’t know the clear difference between comma and full stop.Refined writers still go back to study the basics of the langauge like Verb, Adjective, Sentence e.t.c, every now and then.

Writers are not super human beings. We forget things and we must keep practising and studying to be on the track.

There are books on the basics of the language that can help you in the nearest bookstore.

Some of them were recommended in your secondary school days. Find them and go back to the basics. If you really want to sharpen your writing skills, you need to find and fill the loopholes inherent in the foundation of your writing.


– Spread Your Laps Publicly And Write Everyday : Some of we  writers are so afraid of honest criticisms that we write our script and hide it from people’s eyes.

‘Are you a writer?’ you would ask him if he wants to read your script.

Does he have to be a writer? Not everybody will write, but you need that friend or enemy as your second eye.

Do not be afraid to spread your writing laps publicly; it helps. Be open to criticisms, but do not react to all.

Practise makes perfect. Refined writers frequent their cubicle.

If you want to sharpen your writing skills, you must dedicate yourself to the craft.

I once had a poet friend, who was very poor in writing when he started. But he dedicated himself to that craft and now he is bagging awards and recognitions both locally and internationally.

To sharpen your writing skills, you must be ready to do that thing which you  envision, again, again and again.

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