White Bungalow by Folarin Olaniyi

White Bungalow by Folarin Olaniyi

‘Pull off your pant!’ Obong shouted at me.

‘No, I won’t_!’ he caught me abruptly with a slap. The hot fire igniting slap landed on my face, and then punches rained on my left and right cheek and on the sofa where my body was forcefully rested.

When Mama brought a dark balloon cheek boy to our white bungalow, his thick hands trailing the way to our sitting room where Papa was mightily sited awaiting our first houseboy, I knew things will change here.

‘Don’t stain the wall!’ Papa shouted at Obong. The boy shook in fear and his cheek blew up like balloon.

‘He is a young boy,’ Mama said to Papa.

‘What is his name?’ Papa asks.

‘Obong,’ the boy replied from behind.

‘You go to school?’ Papa questioned, surprised at the boy’s grasp of the language.

‘Primary Six.’

Mama chuckled and said, ‘Two times, Baba Basirat.’

‘You mean, he repeated the class?’

‘Beeni, sir,’ Obong replied.

‘You speak Yoruba?!’ Papa shouted, amazed again.

Mother let out her tongue-in-the-cheek smile, looked at me positioned by Papa, and uttered, ‘Look at her, is she not beautiful?’

Obong shook his head in agreement and Mama continues.

‘That is my one and only Basirat. She is your sister. She is in S.S.1 and will write Jamb in two years. Two years! University! Is that not wonderful, Obong?’

‘Obong welcome to the white bungalow. Iya Basirat, my stomach is grumbling.’ Papa said.

‘Basira, take your brother to his room,’ mother said.

Obong loves Supersport and Aljazeera. After Papa and Mama would have gone to bed, their snoring evading the white bungalow, Obong would come closer to me where I sat watching Ice Prince’s Oleku on Soundcity and whisper to my ear drum, ‘Aljaze-e-rah!’

My breasts will heave with laughter, faint, provoked by the stimulating touch of Obong’s thick whispering ear drum.

After we had watched the News on Aljazeera and argued about the highlights on Supersport, Obong will slip in to his room for the day’s rest. I would then expel this strange smile at the white decking sheltering me.


‘Why are they laughing like that?’ I asked Obong

‘Because he is putting it inside. Very fast.’ Obong replied.

‘What is Papa putting inside Mama?’ I asked terrified.

Obong let out a smile, wicked, at me.

‘You are still a small girl.’

‘Is that how to talk to one’s senior?’

‘You are just fortunate that my mother is a Garri seller and your mother, a Garri distributor. You are just fourteen. I am far older than you.’

‘Are you abusing me?’ my right hand was by now feverishly holding my right ear.

‘You want to know what Papa is putting inside Mama, ehn?’

He let loose of his trousers and shove his manhood at my now irritated face. He was indeed Obong, oblong and intimidating.

In minutes, Mama’s laughter had subsided for Papa’s whisper. When they both came out, Obong and I were busy watching the football highlights on Super sport.

‘Brother and sister,’ mother said as she crosses to the toilet opposite the Master room. The night came; I knew he would go to sleep in minutes. Two minutes. Obong stood up and rose to go.

‘How does that thing enter Mama?’ I uttered, my words wrapped up with timidity. Obong turned back at once and replied, ‘You will know.’



Folarin Olaniyi is the Managing Editor at Emotion Press, Ibadan – http://www.facebook.com/emotionpress. You can contact him through his e-mail address olaniyibooks09@gmail.com

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  1. really nice and funny. i had a good laugh

  2. Very neo-African story ‘WHITE BUNGALOW’. I’d like to read the entire story.

  3. Very neo-African story (WHITE BUNGALOW). I’d like to read the entire story.

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