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The Walkmen Review: Heaven

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The Walkmen


Album cover art for the new Walkmen album, Heaven

Despite being consistently solid for an entire decade, New York’s five-some The Walkmen have still found themselves swimming a bit under the radar in comparison to their indie rock contemporaries like Spoon, Arcade Fire, Franz Ferdinand, and the Strokes.  Maybe The Walkmen lack the flair and flash of their counterparts, but it’s difficult to deny the strength of their music, which maybe even hit its peak with their last release, Lisbon. Now comes another striking release in Heaven, which stands as their prettiest and most uplifting album to date.

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Introducing Wedding Uggs. Ugh.

Mark Zuckerberg Inadvertently Photobombs Chinese TV

Bieber releases new music, ‘Die In Your Arms’

Assassination plots linked to Iran

Baker-Vawter Ghost Sign in Kansas City, MO

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Baker-Vawter Ghost Sign in Kansas City, MO

The Baker-Vawter Building, designed by Hoit, Price and Barnes, is located at 915-917 Wyandotte St. in Kansas City, MO. It is now called Lofts at 917, but the ghost sign on the side and the name on the front façade remain. Those windows are amazing.

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X-Men: Fatal Attractions (Review/Retrospective)

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I’ll freely concede that I feel a bit conflicted when it comes to the X-Men comic books in the nineties. On the one hand, they were prone to nineties excesses, seemingly constantly in the midst of a sales-boasting crossover event, increasingly toyetic with steretypical portrayals and male and female anatomy. Also, to be entirely honest, they were never as exciting or creative as they had been when Claremont was directing the line – even his more esoteric efforts developed key themes and harboured a hint more ambition and sophistication than most of what followed.

However, I don’t want to give the impression I’m not fond of the X-Men in the nineties. That era, through the toys and the cartoon show, introduced me to the team. And, to be entirely fair, the books were very far ahead of the worst of what Marvel was publishing (as I’m currently reading The Crossing

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Woman With Asperger’s Dodges Bullet on Nearly $340,000 in Student Loans

Human Hand, Foot Found in Canadian Mail

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