Top Five Publishing Firms In Nigeria

Top Five Publishing Firms In Nigeria as compiled by Folarin Olaniyi.

–          University Press Plc

    University Press Plc was founded in 1949 under the name of the Oxford University Press Nigeria, and has grown to become one of the oldest, most experienced and the Nation’s foremost Publishers of materials for educational and for general reading. At Incorporation as a public liability company in 1978, the company’s name was changed to University Press Limited with an authorized share capital of 8 million ordinary shares of 50k each. Quoted on the Nigerian stock exchange on 14th August 1978, UP PLC has, on two occasions, won the prestigious stock exchange merit Award in the service sector of quoted companies. It has also won, for two consecutive years, 1984 and 1985, the Concord Prize for Excellence in Academic publishing.

–          Literamed Publication

               Literamed Publications Nigeria Limited was incorporated in April 1969, primarily for the publication of Medipharm, a medical index of pharmaceutical specialties in Nigeria.

Medipharm formed the name Literamed, which means literary and medical publication.

The Chairman, Otunba Yinka Lawal Solarin, embarked on building a printing press; he approached the manager of then Barclays Bank 131 Broad street, Lagos, Nigeria of his intention, he was told the bank was not in the habit of financing a whole project but that if he could build a factory, the bank would finance the machine for production.

The Executive Director, Olori Bjorg Solarin, an architect designed a plan on two acres of land bought at Alausa Oregun road Ikeja for the printing press and within six months the printing press was completed.

Mr. Wiggin of the Bank came to inspect the press and fulfilled his promises paid full amount for the machines.

On August 1972, Medipharm was successfully printed and delivered on the commissioning day of the printing press by Prof. Thomas, the then Vice-Chancellor of the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. That was the beginning of Literamed Publications taking on its own life. Lantern Books started with the publication of Verbal and Quantitative reasoning. The success recorded informed the publication of educational books which stated with Comprehensive Social studies. The first edition published in 1992. Literamed had sustained itself on the publication of Medipharm, pre-primary books and Happi product before the advent of primary school titles.

In 2004, Literamed floated Comics Hut, a subsidiary for the publication of Comic books which tells indigenous African stories with good moral values while Living Scrolls are Bible stories in pictures. In 2008, Literamed opened another office in Ghana, West Africa, which is being managed by a county manager.

–          Kachifo Limited

Kachifo Limited is an independent Nigerian publishing house set up in 2004 by Muhtar Bakare to tell our own stories. They are the publishers of Farafina Books, Prestige Books and Farafina Magazine until suspension of its publication in 2009.

Kachifo also established a non-profit trust, Farafina Trust, whose broad vision is to promote literature and literary skills in Africa. Kachifo limited aims to set high standards for editorial, conceptual and production quality in the Nigerian publishing industry.

–          Evans Publishers Limited

Evans Brothers Limited was incorporated in December 1966 and today Evans stands among Nigeria’s leading educational publishers. Evans books range from Nursery books, Primary school books, Junior Secondary school and Senior secondary school books.

–          Cassava Republic Press

Cassava Republic Press is obsessed with changing the way people think about fiction. Cassava Republic strongly believes that contemporary African writing should be rooted in African experience in all its diversity whether set in filthy-yet-sexy mega cities such as Lagos, in little-known rural communities, in the recent past or indeed the near future. They also think the time has come to build a new body of African writing that links writers across different time and spaces, following the marvelous example of the African Writers Series in the past.

Cassava Republic Press is based in Abuja, which is a bit like the English town Milton Keynes but set in the tropics. It’s a great place to be, with a modern infrastructure, gorgeous landscapes outside the city and all corners of the continent only a few hours flight away.

The design bible Monocle Magazine, listed Cassava Republic Press as one of the top ten brands to look out for in 2009.

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  1. I have series of work of art that can be a masterpiece.i can’t finance the publication;i’m in need of your support.i’m a good boy in a wrong situation.

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  3. Am a very good writer of stories and would appreciate it If I can be a ghost writer.

  4. I am a young gradiuate and a talented writer, and i have a work to be done but have no sound and reliable publishing company to up to form the work to done. Please i need assistance

  5. Halley Bapebe Ochui

    I want to publish a book i have written. I will appreciate more information on this from you .

  6. Halley Bapebe Ochui

    I want to publish an already written book. I will appreciate more information on this from you .

  7. Simon Agwoni

    I’m a writer, I have both fiction and non-fiction books to publish. What do I do?

  8. Halley Bapebe Ochui

    I have visited the website site as advised above and sent a mail to “” but no response, is it possible to get phone contact?

  9. Halley Bapebe Ochui

    I have visited the website as advised above and sent a mail to “” but no response, is it possible to get phone contact?

  10. I want to work as a Canvasser with a leading and effective Primary School Books Publishing Firm.
    I have a Bachalor Degree in Education, six (6)Teaching experience, head of Books Content relative to respective School Curriculum.
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  12. Morris Aghaelinam

    Pls sir am working on developing the Nigeria concept of learning through E-leaning. i will appreciate if i a license and a copy of your ebooks to enable me build a software where kids can access this books through a device. kindly reply asap.

  13. I am a graduate of Geography and Regional planning but have experience working as an editorial assistant and a reporter in one of the newspaper houses some years back. Can you please help me in securing a job as a proofreader or editorial staff in one of these publishing companies? Thank you

  14. Thank you for ranking the publishers I hope they live up to your high judgment.
    William Maxwell

  15. Am a graduate,currently serving,writing is the only thing I want to do,I have a collection of short stories and a prose fiction(unpublished),I came across this site and am currently looking for a publisher and also somwhere I could write.I would really appreciate it if you get back to me,I wait positively for your responce. Thank you

    • Hello Nora,

      It is very good to know you are interested in carving your own niche in Nigeria’s writing industry. Our vision is to project young writers like you to the world stage via our platforms. We will like to hear from you today. Send us a mail and let’s see where we can come in:

  16. I am a published author of two books. I have a manuscript for primary school pupils that has as its central focus on the benefit of hardwork and the after effect of disobedience.I desire to have this story published by evans publishers.

    • Hello Isidore,

      You can always visit Evans Publishers’ website to enquire about their submissions policy. Also, they have their Head office at Jericho, Ibadan, opposite former Corporate Affairs Commission here in Ibadan, Oyo state.

  17. i would like to know more about your publishing firm and would want to know how much you can accept to publish a medium sized literature or better still a good school literature of 10-20 pieces.

  18. I’m the librarian incharge of (the) Fed. Science & Technical Uromi School Library in Edo State. I will be glad to have the publishers ‘ Catalog specifically on general interest books (novels) suitable for secondary school students.

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  19. Dear Sir,

    my name is Henry Adodo. An artist & illustrator, I am into digital art, graphic design, comic books production. I will like to work with any of the publishing firm who is in dire need of my service. I wish to be contacted at .

    Thank you.

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  24. Hygienus Emmanuel

    I am a new novelist, dramatist and poet. I wish to publish my newest novel captioned: “The Folly of Tradition” with a publishing firm that can help in the world wide distribution. I humbly wish to know if your establishment can meet my aspirations. I hope to hear from you soon.Thank you!!

  25. I’m a dope cartoonist who rarely makes an error when drawin with a black pen,i need a publisher to showcase my abilities

  26. Hello, I just came across your site. Good work by you and your team. Pls am a young entrepreneur. I’m private publisher and writer, a music coach and an instructor. My first book for secondary is really doing well. I just finished writing a very classic textbook for primary school . And I need your advise on how to take up to register it with government and and how make it go far

  27. Hello, I just came across your site. Good work by you and your team. Please am a young entrepreneur. I’m private publisher and writer, a music coach and an instructor. My first book for secondary is really doing well. I just finished writing a very classic textbook for primary school . And I need your advise on how to take up to register it with government and and how make it go far

  28. Great… Aiming 2b a Great Author some day!

  29. Amazuru Osita Eriobu

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    I also want to write books for Publishers. Thanks for your cooperation in advance looking forward to hearing from you soonest.

    Best Regards
    Agbai Osaze Gaskins

  31. Interesting list of publishers. I hope to work with one of them soon.

  32. oluwadunsin sanya

    Nawa o, publishing a book in Nigeria isn’t easy at all, feom the high cost to getting publishing firms accepting your work. If truly writers are one of the most important people in the world, how are we expected to rise above the horizon?

  33. I wish to publish in cassava republic press. please, how do i go about this?

  34. I am a trained teacher, voracious reader and freelance writer of fantasy and inspirational books. Presently, I have twelve manuscripts ready for publication. Will you like to be my publisher? Call me on 08189334910. Thanks.

  35. Emenike Paul Onwukwe

    Please how can I publish and sell my written manuscript for senior secondary school and others?

  36. Pls i have a collection of my poems and will like to publish them…. Buh i don’t have the capital required yet

  37. I am a poet with several anthologies( yet 2 b published). I will appreciate if you help me out on how to go about the publishing. Thanks in anticipation.

  38. pls I want to publish an already written book am in sss1 i am talented in writing stories and drama pls help me to publish my book pls

  39. I am a good writer of children story books. I have lots of unpublished work but don’t know how to get them published as finance is my major challenge

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  41. Miracle Amaka Nwokedi

    Hello. Please, I want to know if you have a platform for online publishing of flash fiction stories. Thank you.

  42. I wrote a book which I know will be a great impact on everybody all over the world especially women in Africa… Don’t know what steps to take to get it published, please can I get a help from here??? It’s a book about African women and culture

  43. Ekemini Eteke

    I’m Ekemini Eteke, an author of a published must-read & must-have book, THE NIGERIAN GOLDEN BOOK (A CENTENARY HALL OF FAME). The book is an historical x-ray of Nigeria’s political developments, before and after independence. It also ponders greatly on the memories of Nigerians heroes, living and dead. Honestly, It’s a book that will be an award winning book if properly handled by a reputable publishing firm.

  44. Amara Ifeakor-Ezenwa


    I just finished writing a book and I need a good publisher. I was so happy to come across this site.Please can I know your modalities in printing.


  45. Thank you for this information. It has been pretty helpful. Is it possible to do an update? This 2017 and I would appreciate to learn about current development in this area. Once again, Thank you. – Talatu Bako( aspiring author)

  46. Nice post with very informative facts about the publishing industry in Nigeria. Thanks for sharing

  47. Frances Lawal

    I am a editor, with over a decade of work experience. I am interested in freelance work. Thank you!

  48. My name is Peter Emeh. I am a good writer. I have written a very interesting book, but right now I cannot empower myself to get it published. Please, I will be grateful to have your reply. I am ready to comply. Thanks

  49. a writer…a good one at that and have written many books but no money to publish also good in editing..if only you can help me.

  50. Egwuagu Michael-Chidi

    Well, it’s somewhat appealing seeing that our publishing industry has an interactive medium with what you offer Akinbowale. Cool stuff. About four years ago, I completed a novel and sought for a publishing deal.
    Locally, i sent excerpts of SUNNY SIDE UP (my book) to a couple of firms. It was either a case of “not our style” or no response at all. internationally it was “Self Publishing” with a correspondence with their staff for about half a year.
    Your chats with aspiring writers above stopped sometime in late 2017. I do hope you still do this. Sunny Side Up aspires to provide a different genre, something fun and interactive to all readers. a departure from the usually tragic stories a great percentage of Nigerian (maybe African) tend to tell us.
    I leave it at this for now and sincerely look forward to a chat with you. Much regards.

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