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Dear Writer,

If our previous post deterred you from submitting your manuscripts, read on:

Writing is an act of self-exploration and submitting your work to a publisher can be the scariest act of your life. As publishers, we are aware of this and sympathetic. In the event that we select your work for publication, we would do our very best to make the process pleasant for the writer.

However, to increase the chances of your manuscript being picked up by a publisher, we advise that you adhere to the rules of grammar, punctuation and submission.


Before You Send Out Your Manuscript

Some mornings, we log into the submissions account and there are hundreds of emails waiting to be read, most of them with manuscript excerpts. Unfortunately, our request for more hours in a day hasn’t been granted (yet), so we can’t afford to waste any of the 24 we get…

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BookRepublic Blog Upgrades


       More than a year after the establishment of this highly acclaimed blog dedicated towards publishing young writers, we are happy to inform you that we are extending our informative blog to a larger audience – via a website, that will be updated every Sunday and in print, once in a month.

    We are seeking provocative articles that dwells around African literature and its development over the years. Contributions should be forwarded to

The tireless BookRepublic team has established a fan page for our ever teeming fans to update themselves on their darling book magazine –

    On behalf of the team, I will like to thank everyone of our readers. Thank you for believing in the BookRepublic blog. We hope you subscribe to the website and print magazine when the time comes.

                                                                                            Folarin Olaniyi.


Book Republic

BOOKREPUBLIC is inspired by the New York Review Of Books, a New York based magazine of mind boggling and highly intellectual literary essays and book reviews. At BookRepublic we are bent on creating a viable platform for Nigerian books in the world literary stage through our newly constructed website and monthly print medium.
We are the first literary magazine in Nigeria majorly dedicated towards the promotion of our books. As from the fourth Sunday of January 2013, BOOKREPUBLIC will be launching her online magazine and the print medium, come last Sunday of February, 2013.
BOOKREPUBLIC will make it as a matter of mandate to publish literary articles, book reviews, plays, short stories, and poems, update our irresistibly qualitative and educative columns and place book adverts for interested publishers every Sunday for the reading pleasure of our subscribers.
We are seeking for a limited number of book titles from interested Publishers to be considered for the review section of the magazine.
A book cover, Author’s bio and About the book should be forwarded to on or before the 18th of January, 2013. BookRepublic will afterwards request for copies of the book, if it would be of interest to our commissioned reviewer.
BookRepublic is in search for literary essays that are imaginative and at the same time, borders around world literature and its contribution to education. We might also consider creative essays that are politically under toned but not economical with the truth.
At the moment, we do not pay royalty to our ever hardworking and creative contributors. This will be reviewed in a matter of time.
Contributions should be forwarded to the publishers at A short bio and recent picture should be submitted alongside the entry.
We are interested in publishers’ book placements in our magazine, as it is applicable in developed societies. As a matter of fact, a four page insert has been mapped out for Nigerian publishers and authors to place their blurbs for a paltry sum of N5, 500. For enquiry on book placement in BOOKREPUBLIC and other adverts, please query Alex Olomo at
BOOKREPUBLIC is presently under construction and will be launched for the reading pleasure of our subscribers, by the last Sunday of January.
BOOKREPUBLIC is published by Emotion Press, Ibadan. Emotion Press is a publishing outfit registered in 2011 to project the future ones. For more information on Emotion Press, please visit our official website –

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