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The Nigerian Publishing Process

Writing can be a lucrative career if it is well refined and applied.
One of the best ways of applying one’s writing skills is to write a book and get it published.Royalties are paid to authors whose works have been published.This payment is made by the publishing company.
In Nigeria, most publishing companies prefer to publish educational books, mostly given impetus by the high demand for those sub genre of literature. Others, very few and in high demand, publish Fiction.
Some publishing companies that publish Fiction;
– Farafina books, Lagos –
– Cassava Republic Press, Abuja –
– Kraft Books, Ibadan.
– Emotion Press, Ibadan –

Some publishing companies that publishes Education books;

-University Press Plc, Ibadan
-Evans Publishers, Ibadan
-HEBN Plc, Ibadan
-Macmillan Plc, Lagos

The publishing process can be quite tasking, depending on the company. In Nigeria, most authors deal directly with the publishing house without employing the services of a literary agent or legal consultant.
The typical Nigerian Publishing Process involves;

– Manuscript Submission
– Manuscript Evaluation
– Editing
– General Design and Layout
– ISBN Application
– Printing and Binding
-Book Presentation.

The publishing process is not as simple as it is scribbled here. It can be far more tasking, depending on the publishing house and the mode of publishing.
Publishing can be simply divided into;
-Traditional Publishing
-Self- Publishing/ Author financed.

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