Over the years, and to varying degrees, I have been involved in different aspects of the making of books, but I have become best known for my editing skills. I have been editing professionally since 2009 and in this time I have developed a good general knowledge of several subjects and an instinct for how words and sentences should be strung together.

I offer a free 3-page initial manuscript assessment to authors who intend to use my editing services.



Other than book editing, here are other manuscript services I offer:



After a designer has typeset your manuscript, I can offer proofreading services to you. This usually means proofing your manuscript to make sure your page numbers are in order, page headings are correct, pictures, diagrams, illustrations, tables, graphs, are all in the right places, and captions describe the correct images. I’ll also check that footnotes and endnotes, cross references and credits are properly cited, the page layout is free of widows and orphans, font size differences that are not intended are removed, and that everything from half page title to index is in the right order.

For proofreading, I usually ask that you only send me your manuscript in PDF and not MS Word format. Better still, an advance copy of your book will be excellent to work with.



Occasionally, when I read a book, I might be moved to write a response to the author’s work, whether I have worked with them in some capacity or not. But I’ve done this only very occasionally in the past. I am looking to get back into running a review blog in the near future and I will update you when I do so.

For now, if you would like me to write an honest and fair review of your work, please request one by sending an e-mail. Kindly note that I will not open or read unsolicited manuscripts, so please ask me first by e-mail. In your e-mail,  please include a synopsis of your work, the number of pages and any other useful information so I can be properly guided to the decision whether or not it’s something I am interested in doing.

When I write a review for you, I’ll post it here on BookRepublic, but you are welcome to publish it on your own blog or wherever you have an audience, provided that you do not alter any part of my writing. Further, to publish a review I’ve done for you, you do not need my express permission so long as I get proper credit for it and BookRepublic is mentioned and linked.


I offer an indie-publishing overview by e-mail, and a 25-minute follow-up phone consultation to discuss your indie-publishing options for N10,000 [naira] only.



I assist clients convert and make their books available in online stores such as, Amazon Kindle Store, Barnes and Noble, and so on. I do not advertise or promote books as part of online distribution and make no promises about sales figures. Once your book is available online, it is strictly your job to promote and drive sales to the book.

I’ll have a tip or two for you, however, so please get in touch.



I keep getting asked by authors to help out in new ways and I am usually happy to oblige. If you have a question about any other aspect of making your book or distributing your book online which you want to talk to me about, feel free to contact me.



Authors are not all in the same place in their writing careers. I have worked out an attractive fee schedule which reflects this reality, and my fees are negotiable.


You can contact me about jobs by:


Mobile: +2348131139894

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