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Who Is An Omojojolo?
 Omojojolo is the young but talented writer seeking for a genuine platform to be refined, published and projected. He is between the ages of 18 to 35.

Is Omojojolo a book publisher?

Omojojolo is the book publishing imprint of Emotion Press – – established in 2011 to publish quality books with an irresistible African aroma.

Do you charge your Authors reading fee to assess their manuscripts for probable publication?

No, we do not. We have an open submissions platform – – which can be queried at any point in time.
But because of the number of manuscripts we receive on daily basis and our limited number of staff and complaints received from writers seeking for thorough analysis of their works, we do offer a separate standard reading service. We charge a fixed sum of N10,000 for every query.

Do you have an editorial team?

Yes, we do. Omojojolo has a network of readers, editors and critics which we consult before the final manuscript development that leads to publication.

Most Nigerian publishers do not offer a reliable PR and Marketing for their Authors, is it the same thing with Omojojolo?

It is quite unfortunate that this is happening in our industry. But we can assure every of our Authors of the best PR, Marketing and Distribution because we will both have a stake in the book. That is why Public Relations becomes one of our major reasons for existing as a corporate entity.

What is it about Omojojolo Partnership Publishing?
 At Omojojolo, we have come to realize that the younger generation are coming up with marvelous and quality manuscripts, but most of them are not able to pay the standard fee because they are dependants.
Premised upon this and our passion for creating a genuine platform for the future ones, we are willing to partner with our budding prospective Authors.

How does Omojojolo plan to do this?
 In the next 90 days of the existence of this new package, we are taking forty percent off the standard package exclusively for those who are considered for publication.
For example, if Omojojolo charges an Author the sum of N180,000 for the publication of a poetry collection, under this new package all he has to pay is the sum of N108,000 which is 60 percent while Omojojolo has an investment of 40 percent.

Hope this won’t affect the quality of the publication?

It cannot affect the quality of publication since we are going to be the one to pay the rest of the standard fee. As a matter of fact, the quality of the book since we now have a bigger stake in the book.

How often do you pay royalty to your Authors?
 We pay royalty every six months to our Authors who has given us the mandate to market and distribute their books.

I am interested in Omojojolo partnership publishing package?

Forward the first ten pages of your work(if it is a prose work or creative Non fiction) or the first ten poems; it should be in double space and Word doc form: Submit a short bio and a one page storyline, which must include a short bio, alongside. Make the subject of the e-mail OPP: Manuscript Publishing.

What differentiates your Reading Service to all others?

Over the years, we have been able to build a network of editors, publishers and literary enthusiasts.
We are not only going to be reading your manuscript and giving you prompt response, Omojojolo will recommend the best publisher fit for the job. Omojojolo will also take it as a form of responsibility, if we strongly believe the manuscript is good enough for publication, to pitch it to our book publishing unit or to our networks of editors and publishers.
But you must also understand that consulting our reading unit does not guarantee publication.

For further inquiries please call 08093728869 or mail us,

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